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Comments from our customers

May 22nd, 2009

Dear Tim,

The purpose of this letter is to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the effort you put into building our web page. Without falling to the pitfalls of being flowery, we'd like to share four outstanding characteristics we believe are certainly evident of you and the way you conduct your business.

  1. In well over 40 years with computer "people" this is my first successful attempt to find a web page designer that is a) prompt b) efficient and c) keeps his word.
  2. In today's highly competitive business world each of us have the same potential ingredient that people look for called integrity and we very much appreciate the complete integrity you've displayed as we've worked together over the past few months as you built our web page.
  3. Sometimes we feel guilty at the price you quoted us and stuck to "to the penney" since most people quote a price and have what seems like a million justifiable reasons for going over the original quotation.
  4. It's obvious you burned some midnight oil in keeping your commitments to us, even when we gave you our request for changes and updates in this process.

If there were some way we could afford to bring your name, performance, and ultimate product you provide to everyone looking for a web page designer, we would gladly do it. Fortunately, while this was our fourth attempt at building a web page in the last ten years, it is our final attempt and we take our hats off to you and say thank you, may your business grow beyond your fondest expectations.

Howard W. Long, CEO
Institute for Leadership Training and Design
Lynda C. Pike, Vice President of Operations